Switchgears Market Show Exponential Growth

高强度故障电流会损坏电路的电气设备和装置,并将这些故障降至最低并减轻后遗症,switchgear or fuses are employed.每次断开电路后都需要更换保险丝,因为它们不提供重新闭合功能,in such cases where setting up the circuit in its normal functioning,,开关设备are employed which provide the re-closure functioning at various operating levels (High/low voltages).As the automation of process is booming across all the industries,the global switchgear market is witnessing the tremendous growth opportunities.On the basis of product types,switchgear market can be broadly categorized as conventional switchgear and modular/integrated switchgear.The conventional switchgear system comprises various components such as transformers,断路器和DI连接器,which needs more space for installation and comparatively more costly than that of modular switch gear.为了克服这些问题,将模块式开关设备集成到断路器的一个分断室中。随着传统开关设备向模块化/集成化转变的趋势,全球开关设备市场预计将以两位数的复合年增长率增长。

The global switchgear market is geographically segmented into seven key regions which are,North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Western Europe,亚太地区Japan and Middle East & Africa.Asia-Pacific holds the major share in global switchgear market,其次是北美、南美,分别是欧洲。Asia-Pacific switchgear market is expected to maintain its dominance in global switchgear market during the forecast period.Emerging countries like India and China in Asia-Pacific region are extensively up grading and installing new transmission lines and distribution networksto uphold the infrastructural developments,which is expected to be major driving factor of global switchgear market.On country level,中国在全球开关设备市场占据主导地位,占有18-20%的份额。Against the dynamic economic conditions,the Eastern and Western Europe switchgear market are also expected to contribute significant amount of share inglobal switchgear market during the forecast period due to the increasing infrastructure development for renewable energy sources.由于电网现代化市场不断增长等各种因素,预计北美开关设备市场在预测期间也将贡献大量的份额。replacement of old installations along with capacity enhancement.


On the basis of operating voltage rating,the global switchgear market is segmented into three categories which are global low voltage switchgear market,全球中压开关市场和全球高压开关市场。Rapid growth in industrialization of small and medium scales in developing countries like China,India and developed countries like Japan is expected to be prominent countries for low and medium voltage switchgear market.就市场份额而言,中压开关设备市场细分市场占据着全球开关设备市场的主导地位。whilst in terms of growth rate low voltage switchgear market is projected to offer double digit CAGR,higher than that of other voltage sub-segments.

全球开关设备市场的主要参与者将重点放在以具有竞争力的价格引进新技术和创新产品以及新的应用,以使自己与竞争对手区别开来。Major players reigning over the global switchgear market include Schneider Electric SA,Mitsubishi Electric Corporation,Siemens AG,ABB Ltd,Powell Industries Inc.,伊顿公司和通用电气公司,其中之一。

一些开关设备市场的最新技术发展,如磁驱动和抗电弧技术,已由原始设备制造商承担,其重点是提高开关设备的效率和可靠性。In future such technological up gradation will add value and spur the demand in global switchgear market.



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